Schools and Colleges

We have developed an affordable range of drawing and painting classes from the life model designed specifically for students. Classes are structured, with technical group demonstrations and emphasis on informal one to one tuition. Students are encouraged to use our technical input to experiment develop their own style and approach. We cater for a variety of ages from 9+. The classes we teach are good introduction to life drawing and experimental drawing, using a range of different techniques and materials. Drawings produced are good for portfolio building for art foundation courses and a wide range of art and design subjects including computer animation, fine art and fashion.

Conventional Life Drawing and Painting- ages 14+

Our conventional Life Drawing and Painting classes offer clear professional teaching, technical advice and demonstrations. With emphasis on informal one to one tuition. Students are encouraged to use our technical input to experiment develop their own style and approach. The classes are a good introduction to experimental drawing, using a range of different techniques and materials, exploring 3D form, tone, line, movement, structure, composition, proportion, perspective, colour and are ideal for portfolio building 

Creative Life Drawing- ages 9+ 

These workshops can be modified according to age group. Our Creative Life Drawing Workshops use the human figure as a starting point through which students can investigate ideas, concepts and materials and aim to radically reinvent the traditional concept of drawing from life. An experimental life drawing session could be worked around Surrealism for example, using the model as a starting point to explore ideas. Using a more theatrical approach with lighting, props, sound and performance, themes such as Futurism, Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism can be explored, none of which need a figurative starting point. We can provide professionally trained tutors to arrange classes on site at your school or off site in a fully equipped studio.

Schools & Colleges who have previously booked classes with us:

Edmonton County School

Little Bury St, Edmonton, London
Head of Art & Design, Sophie Baker

St Charles Sixth Form College

St Charles Square
London W10 6EY
Art Dept Contact: Monica Heeran

Theale Green Community School

Church Street,
Theale RG7 5DA
Head of Art & Design: Andrew Wilson

Camden Summer University 2009

Camden Council

Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

1 Cedar Avenue Singapore 349692

Comments and feedback from previous workshops:

” I could see my students perform in an adult way, due I believe, to the environment and fast pace of the day. The tutorials and demonstrations were fantastic as it really focused the students”
Sophie Baker
Head of Art & Design, Edmonton County School

“The life drawing classes offered students a unique opportunity in a mature atmosphere to study the human figure closer, and gain further artistic insight. Anne demonstrated and tutored the students on many different techniques in an enthusiastic, clear and relaxed manor. The results were impressive, both technically and experimentally. The classes will contribute towards their overall grade and enhance their portfolios for interview.”
Hannah Carvey, Art Dept Facilitator
Theale Green Community School

“The class was very helpful. I felt by the end I had improved a lot, it helped for building my portfolio as the London College of Fashion were very impressed that I had these drawings and experience.”
Monica Rossi- Year 13
” Different teachers can give you different advice on your work. I thought their enthusiasm and passion rubbed off on each of us and made us more comfortable as no-one had drawn a naked model before. I think the demonstrations before the drawing helped us progress.”
Ashley Rogers- Year 12

“Everyone behaves more maturely and you don’t get as many disruptions as you would if you were at school. You get more help from the practising artists and tutors. I also felt more comfortable in a different place. They had a very approachable enthusiastic way of teaching, which put everyone’s nerves at ease making it a lot more enjoyable. The personal guidance whilst we were drawing made it much easier and they were very helpful- not patronising.”
Laura Callaghan- year 12

“It was very helpful, after the course my understanding on the structure of the body and use of lighting was much better making it easier to draw realistically.”
Tansu Ahmet- Year 12