Life Painting & Colour Mixing Masterclass with Nikki Gardham


Do you find colour difficult to see and mix? Would you like to learn all about practical colour theory and as a result create lush paintings with confident use of colour? Then this is the class for you!

Its all about lush colour!

Artist and London Drawing tutor Nikki Gardham is a master of colour and colour theory – and has so much to offer with regard to handling of paint and use of colour.

Learn how to look for colour, tune into how colours bounce off each other and affect each other. Consider deep colour use, how to knit stronger colour with muted tones and how the masters of colour across history have developed their palettes and applied paint. From Matisse to Bonnard, Monet to Van Gogh – look at how artists used colour in their work to produce intense light and glowing shadow.

This workshop is packed full of practical tips to create strong, confident paintings- with loads of tuition and demonstrations to show you how to get started with colour mixing.

Learn about how to handle paint, plan out composition and use colour. A great day of creativity – perfect for beginners and ideal for those wanting to brush up on skills and learn more.

2 March 2024
£95 All materials included

Artizan Street Library
1 Artizan St
E1 7AF

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Artizan Street Library 1 Artizan, London St E1 7AF