their Lambeth council has this week released the papers for next Monday’s Cabinet meeting ( Monday 4th Oct)
You can see them here 

The Voluntary Sector Property Review is the second main item on the agenda.

Unfortunately the report has only minor amendments as a result of the consultation and the proposal is still to make an enormous increase in the rent and insurance WAC pays. As WAC no longer receives any grants from Lambeth, this rent hike would make it impossible to support things which WAC currently subsidises without a big increase in charges to users which goes against the idea of everything being as affordable as possible .

Demonstration in support of WAC

 Monday 4 Oct 2021

Leaving WAC at 4pm (sharp) Bus to Brixton

Demo outside Town Hall from 4.30-5.15

Please join us!

You can also write to Lambeth Council members – scroll down this page for their email addresses


We have run classes at the Waterloo Action Centre for the past 5 years- and it has become one of our main venues.

WAC is a very special place- it has enable us to run our sessions which are affordable for everyone – and in turn our classes help support this brilliant community space which provides support for so many elderly and disadvantaged people.

If you have joined us at WAC for our many drop in life drawing classes and painting and drawing workshops and courses- then you can help the WAC legal team by leaving a testimonial about how WAC has enabled you to enjoy classes which are creative, inspiring and beneficial for your wellbeing and mental health.

See below for more info- and scroll to the bottom of the page for our testimonial so you can read about what WAC means to us:


If you feel a testimonial isn’t appropriate for you – but you would still like to support us – you can still sign the petition to oppose this action




Since 1973 Waterloo Action Centre (WAC) has stood to serve as a community hub for a wide range of services including Waterloo Legal Advice Service – the largest such volunteer-run resource in the country – benefits advice, as well as providing a host of classes, leisure and cultural activities and, above all, a friendly and welcoming meeting place for one and all. WAC’s valuable work has been recognised by the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

WAC has just had unwelcome news that Lambeth Council plans on raising rents for voluntary groups like WAC which occupy Council-owned property. This could see a rent rise to a massive £45,000 a year plus £5,000 building insurance within 4 years of the change. This would simply mean the end of WAC!

This rise represents a third of WAC’s hard-earned income and would mean a sharp reduction in activities and services we provide, hitting some of our most vulnerable citizens. WAC gets no public money but is funded by grants and renting space to users – activity groups, charities, churches – plus support from local residents, businesses and other well-wishers. There is extensive volunteer involvement in the running of WAC’s regular activities.



1. Click on the link below to access the WAC community defence website

WAC community defence website

2. Leave a testimonial on the website: click on “write a testimonial” and just explain in a few words why WAC means so much to you, what you do, what you like, why it is important for WAC to continue supporting the various groups through the different activities.

3. Is there any other way you can lend support? We have a wide range of professionals and people with contacts who attend our classes- perhaps you can think of a way you or someone you know can help. If you need to get in touch please contact WAC directly:


It would be very helpful to also send an email to:
Councillor Donatus Anyanwu
cc’d to Councillor Jack Hopkins who is the Leader of Lambeth Council
cc’d to Florence Eshalomi (Florence is the MP for the area which includes WAC).

It would also be helpful for WAC to have a copy too
Please explain briefly to them what you value about WAC.



PLEASE DO let the cabinet members know your views: 

Leader of the Council -Councillor Claire Holland

Councillor Jim Dickson Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care (job-share) 020 8671 7890 Email:

Councillor Jacqui Dyer   Deputy Leader of the Council (Jobs, Skills and Community Safety) 07500 971619 Email:

Councillor Edward Davie Title: Cabinet Member for Children and Young People 

Councillor Danial Adilypour  Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport, Environment and Clean Air (job-share)

Councillor Donatus Anyanwu   Cabinet Member for Voluntary Sector and Leisure07946 219220 Email:

Councillor Lucy Caldicott- Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care (job-share) 07542 943508Email:  

Councillor Andy Wilson Cabinet Member for Finance and PerformanceP 07736 008107 Email:

Councillor Sonia Winifred  Cabinet Member for Equalities and CultureParty: Labour and Co-operative Party07 Chair – who is also Leader of the CouncilCouncillor Claire

Councillor Dr. Mahamed HashiCabinet Member for Sustainable Transport, Environment and Clean Air (job-share)07712 236226Email:

Councillor Andy WilsonTitle: Cabinet Member for Finance and Performance920 548075 e-mail:


The WAC team & London Drawing



I have run Life Drawing classes and courses at the Waterloo Action Centre for the past 5 years and during this time the
centre has become a crucial host for our activities.

London Drawing is a small independent business and venues like WAC are crucial to our survival. Wac provides affordable
well managed space and is home to a wide range or businesses like ourselves. In turn our activities support the incredible work WAC does for the local community which is frankly irreplaceable and invaluable.

Our classes at WAC have allowed us to build a creative community, attracting a wide and varied demographic of people to
come together creatively. Life Drawing in itself is a massively positive activity with regard to health and well being.
The fact that we can provide these classes which are massively beneficial to those who attend, providing work
which supports our tutors and a host of life models, while at the same time supporting such an incredible institution,
is just hugely special to us.

Independent, genuinely community based spaces like the Waterloo Action Centre are becoming so increasingly rare
due to rent increases and the sterilisation of central London- we have to do all we can to care and nurture for those
that remain.

Following this massive period of change due to the pandemic- which will see city centers have to move and change with the times as remote working and use of city space navigates a complete over haul- venues like the Waterloo Action Centre will take on even more significant role.

Treating WAC with such blinkered, narrow vision is something which I and the many people who benefit from its hands on, genuinely community based ethos will find very hard to bare. This special institution is a space to be nurtured and valued and after nearly 50 years of community service deserves preserving.

Anne Noble-Partridge
Director- London Drawing