Process & Practice: Positive & Negative Space with Paper Cutting Artist Mark Curtis Hughes



Process & Practice: Positive & Negative Space with Paper Cutting Artist Mark Curtis Hughes

Join us on Thursdays in August for an exciting new series of our Process & Practice sessions – this month with paper cutting artist Mark Curtis Hughes!

We are really delighted to be working with Mark on a series which will give us a real insight into his studio practice – and build our own drawing language

Originally from Leicester, Mark’s practice was initially focused on relief printmaking. Papercutting began as a means to build a bridge between his sketches and his woodcuts. The nature of working spontaneously with a scalpel into paper gradually took over until it became the focus of the process. More about Mark and his work here: @markcurtishughes_art

Session 1: Exploring positive and negative space.
When we make a mark on a piece of paper we are starting a composition. We are preconditioned to view that Mark as positive, and build our image out from that. But what if we flip this norm on its head and explore in intriguing in-between spaces, the background, the void, the negative space. When I create my papercuts I draw (with a scalpel) the negative spaces within my design and I find myself thinking about the space in between and how it should be filled, or not. In this first workshop we will explore mark making within negative space, and how we can use shape and line to string a composition together.

You will need:
White and coloured paper
Ink or watercolour
Ink pen/ pens