Process & Practice Portrait: Schiele Style with artist Jonathan Farr



We are really excited to present a series of four Tutorial Tool Box self portrait sessions exploring the processes, techniques and impulses of well known yet contrasting artists as springboards of inspiration with artist and educator Jonathan Farr @jonnyfsfarr

Session 4: Egon Schiele
Looking at the extraordinary self portraits of Egon Schiele for inspiration we will be playing with line and distortion in an attempt to unearth the darker sides of ourselves as we find poses to impede, twist and thoroughly grotesquify our self portrait drawing.

Paper (brown paper, cream, mid tone also good idea)
Masking ape or tape
Charcoal or compressed charcoal
Black conte
White conte
A few colours of acrylic, gouache, pastels, watercolour
A brush or two
Graphite or soft pencil
A Mirror

About our Tutorial Tool Box Sessions:
Our Tool Box Thursday classes present a range of drawing themes. Participants are led through a variety of approaches and drawing ideas – all designed to build your technique and artistic language. A great complement to our life drawing and portrait events.