Process & Practice Portrait: November III – Afternoon Session



We are really excited to present a series of four Tutorial Tool Box self portrait sessions exploring the processes, techniques and impulses of well known yet contrasting artists as springboards of inspiration with artist and educator Jonathan Farr @jonnyfsfarr

Join us every Thursday in November for Process & Practice!

This week: Drawing inspiration from the work of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, we’ll combine observational self-portrait drawing with the imagined to make a narrative auto-biographical composition.


Please bring-
Any drawings and photos you have of places, people, animals that have significant meaning for you.
Any objects, books, pictures of animals, (jewellery, clothing – wear it) meaningful to you
In short – any visual material that has emotional/symbolic meaning to you that you can refer to.

Sheets of paper A4 or bigger
Anything to draw with that you feel familiar with – charcoal, pencil, rubber, pens, biros, ink, brush
Watercolours, coloured pencils, crayons, pastels, gouache or acrylic if you’d like to use colour (just bear in mind time limits)
A mirror

About out Tutorial Tool Box Sessions: Our Tool Box Thursday classes present a range of drawing themes. Participants are led through a variety of approaches and drawing ideas – all designed to build your technique and artistic language. A great complement to our life drawing and portrait events.