Figurative Watercolour with Aaron Jacob Jones


A rare chance to work with the great Aaron Jacob Jones in this fantastic two part masterclass- perfect for beginners- dont miss!



Think watercolours are for timid landscapes? Think again!

Join Aaron Jacob Jones, a London based artist, tutor and live event illustrator who creates wonderfully expressive life drawings using watercolour and ink for a perfect masterclass!

If you miss the class recordings will be sent out after each session and available to view for two weeks after the class to re-watch, catch up, rewind, pause etc.

Aaron is a brilliant tutor- with so much to offer in his specialised field – his classes are packed with info and demonstrations – there is so much to learn He really thinks about every aspect of his practise and shares everything he knows openly with his students.

Rather than a rigid step by step system only suitable for limited situations, Aaron teaches students how to analyse pose, lighting, and timing, and adapt their painting approach to suit. With this new mindset to figurative work, you will find something valuable to take away, whatever your usual style.

Aaron will guide you through a series of fairly short-posed exercises while you learn exactly how much water to use, how to time each step of your painting, and what does and doesn’t work when painting figures. Although life drawing is the main theme, Aaron’s underlying goals for this course are to help you understand the fundamentals of watercolour and how to use it to boldly and beautifully in any situation.

If you’ve ever wished you could add more colour and creativity to your life drawings, or if you’ve tried watercolour and struggled to get good results, this course is the perfect one for you!

Wednesdays 15 and 22 March


£70 materials not included

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