Join us for a fabulous three days as we immerse ourselves in drawing and print techniques of the Masters- all of which are portable and can be used in the life room or in your home studio!

The aim of this workshop is to introduce classical printmaking methods within a contemporary context for artists who have limited access to large-scale printmaking resources. Exploring both intaglio and relief approaches, artists will be shown how to attain excellently finished images with simple equipment suitable for a small studio or home set-up.

Printmaking is the process of transferring an image from a matrix, or template, to another surface by using techniques such as drypoint, linocut engraving, and lithography. Using etching needles, paper drypoint plates, and a portable press, artists will be able to make fine art prints, illustrations, and craft images that demonstrate the versatility of the medium.

Day 1- Drypoint: Whether employing traditional linear hatching or using a range of objects to make expressive marks, artists will gain the distinctly crisp look of drypoint printmaking. This intaglio printmaking process is achieved by engraving lines into a plate that holds ink in the grooves prior to being pressed.

Day 2- Linocut: The bold, high contrast appearance of linocut prints offers artists the possibility of producing stunningly simple designs or more intricate graphics. The process involves cutting an image on the linoleum ‘in relief’ before inking the raised surface and printing directly.

Day 3- Lithography: Typically possessing a smooth and consistent aspect due to the even distribution of ink, lithographic linework tends towards an organic brush and ink appearance. Lithography is a planographic process achieved by drawing onto a prepared plate and fixed by means of a chemical reaction (from cola and Gum Arabic solution, in this case!).

This is a great three days of fun and creative drawing exploration- part from the model, part from preparatory drawings – a brilliant way of refreshing your drawing practice!

Master Techniques- Home Studio Intaglio, Lithograph & Dry Point with Dolph Van Eden
10 Р12 September 
£195 All materials included

Waterloo Action Centre
14 Baylis Road Waterloo, London SE1 7AA

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