‘Lunchtime with Sy Snootles’ by Sally Murrow



Coloured pencil & acrylic pens on A4 black card, 21 x 29.7cm

Work produced in a Fantastical Beasts Start Wars Edition with Sisetta Zappone.

I love Sisetta’s historical journey on the topics she talks about, how she researches and shares her findings with such enthusiasm. I managed to attend a few lunchtime Fantastical Beasts Sessions, which gave opportunity to warm up with quick sketches that got the imagination going, before plunging into the final beast of the day! This Star Wars session brought back memories of endless games my brother & I played with his Star Wars toys.

All in all the online sessions gave me an escape at times that were needed to zone out of the working from home focus, and distracted me into something literally out of this world! Certainly a silver lining to Lockdowns!