‘Crochet’ by Sally Murrow



Ballpoint pen on A5 cartridge paper, 14.8 x 21 cm

Work produced in a Mindful Still Life session With Susannah Pal

The mindful still life session with Susannah really helped to home in on forgotten techniques, and skills. Susannah gave great guidance and helped us step back and really focus, zooming in on what we were drawing, considering the textures, tones and shapes, as well as thinking about the marks that we made-or chose to use through experimenting in the warm up section of the class.

Being able to access these online has been a great source of encouragement and permission to get creative, which in turn sparked the creative energy at times where it had become a bit flat!

I’m grateful to London Drawing for these, long may it continue post lockdown, I’m sure other people find this way of attending classes more accessible in some ways too.