‘Bar’ by Anita Ives



Acrylic and ‘art graf’ drawing tablet on bus destination blind, 45 cm x 60 cm

Drawing Movement, with Bar Groisman, 7 August 2020


Capturing models, particularly dancers, in motion is one of my favourite challenges in drawing. The sessions always feel like a real workout, and when the drawing works it is thrilling. Finding the right surface to work on is part of the challenge. Concertina sketchbooks, sound recording graph paper rolls and pianola scrolls have all been employed with varying degrees of success. For this session I used old bus destination blinds. Although originally bus blinds were made of linen, more recently Tyvek  – a synthetic, non-porous surface – is used. This turned out to be an unexpectedly wonderful surface to paint on – allowing the materials to move across its surface to suit the subject matter.