Life Drawing: Invigoration Through Solitude

A course by John Close

A four week life drawing course that will combine group led activity with challenges for self-directed study.

Each lesson will place the life model in a unique context, using examples of art history to suggest approaches to the figure. Themes such as anatomy, composition and narrative will be explored through our dynamic and interpretive models.

This is an online course for your lockdown life, and so will also have an emphasis on developing individual projects beyond the weekly session.

Art references, helpsheets and personal feedback will be offered to support beginners and advanced students- this is an opportunity to work from home in a way that energises your practice.

Artists through history have lived in isolation- in bedrooms, prisons, exile and madness. It is in this restriction where the spirit can thrive.

From Leonardo to Vincent, from Michelangelo to Matisse- solitude makes artists, it forges them in fire.

Other details:

Class Format-

2 hours working from the online model.

30 minutes group feedback session, where students participate in group discussion as well as an option to present life drawings or any other drawing/painting projects for feedback.

Suggested time slot:

Sundays 2pm – 4.30.

Model used for 2 hrs. Last 30mins or so would just be tutor based.

Support needed before the class and up to 4pm (I have my own zoom account so can always launch a new meeting if need be after 4pm)