London Drawing Crowd Funding Page- Help Support Models & Tutors During Class Closures

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Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis we have been running online open access creative drawing sessions. These classes have become the backbone of our weekly plans with workshops spanning a wide range of subjects and themes, providing really exciting and good quality teaching from our team of practitioners and facilitators.

Over lock down we have built a large community of participants- and for many these online creative sessions have been not only a great source of creativity – but also somewhat of a lifeline – providing regular social contact and a routine of activities with friendly likeminded people open to all ages and abilities- no matter what their financial situation. With this in mind we have focused on artistic development with a lean towards mental and physical well being- with not only creative workshops but also yoga and self massage taster techniques available to all as warm ups for classes and as taster clips on our social media.

Through the crowd fund we have been able to fund the day to day running of the classes, have provided tutors with an income- and we have also been able to support our life models through cancellation fees through out March and April- and pay for their contributions towards our online content through our social media feeds.

Going forward these funds will be used to keep these resources going as lock down eases- as these sessions have formed a much needed resource which from the feedback we have received and will continue (for the foreseeable future at least) to be of benefit.

Our original crowdfund page has run its course raising over £5000 to fund our online classes- so thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far! We are starting a new page with a slightly different remit- in order to keep our online open access session going and provide and easy method through which participants can contribute.

Find us on social media- join in and tag us in any posts about what you have been making, doing, any ideas- all welcome! And spread the word about this amazing accessible resource!

@LondonDrawing on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

We hope you will be able to contribute towards our fund- anything however small is useful – and we hope you will join in and create with us. Thank you so much!

More info and contributions here