Welcome to The London Drawing Virtual Exhibition:

One Year of Creativity

This collection of drawings, paintings and mixed media responses has
been produced during the COVID pandemic 2020-2021 and is a celebration
of one year of incredible creativity in our online classes, events and
courses. March 2020 marked a seismic shift in the history of London
Drawing as we began our online journey and we have been blown away by
the response and support we have received from all our participants over
the past year. The creativity, enthusiasm and talent you bring has been
monumental and we are delighted to present over 500 images from you, our
amazing participants. A massive thank you to all who have supported us
over the past year- we couldn’t do what we do without you!


While we are here we would also like to take the opportunity to thank
all our inspirational models who have invited us into their home studios
and of course to the exceptional London Drawing Tutor team who have
worked so hard to make our brilliantly diverse online program happen.
Over the past year we have transitioned from a London based collective
to a global community which has been a massive achievement.


Thank you for taking a look through this collection of great work- click
on images to read descriptions, endorsements and comments- Enjoy!