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Date(s) - 13/05/2020 - 31/12/2020
12:00 am



The sessions are pay as you can- please make a contribution by PayPal or the London Drawing Crowd Fund. All contributions go towards paying tutors and collaborators and for the organisation of classes- thank you for your contribution!

To access a class please click on the links below- all classes are open access by contribution on trust! Please do make a contribution towards our running of classes if you can!


Still Life DIY with Rachel Mercer 22 April 2020

Surreal Stories with Arkem Mark Walton 21 April 2020

Drawing Hands with Anne Noble-Partridge 23 April 2020

Matisse Style with Kim Scouller 25 April 2020

Exploring Your Hands with Susannah Pal plus 10 min self massage warm up with Nick Torry 30 April 2020

Mindful Still Life with Susannah Pal plus 10 min seated yoga warm up with Vanessa Abreu 4 May 2020

Create Your View with Rachel Mercer 5 May 2020

Tonal Self Portrait with Susannah Pal 7 May 2020

Selfie Collage with Nikki Gardham 12 May 2020

Drawing Histories – Drawing Historical Objects Show & Tell with Ed Bucknall 1: 14 May 2020

Drawing Histories – Drawing Historical Objects Show & Tell with Ed Bucknall 2: 14 May 2020

Imaginative Landscapes with Nikki Gardham 21 May

With examples of Medieval Bestiary and imaginative drawing from and range of cultures
With examples of animal illustration from the Western cannon of art history

Topic: Mark Jam  In Colour with Susannah Pal – 2 July 2020

Fantastical Beasts 5 Creative drawing with Sisetta Zappone-  7 July 2020

Powerful Flowers- With Nikki Gardham – 9 July

Fantastical Beasts 6 Creative Drawing with Sisetta Zappone- 14 July 2020

Powerful Flowers 2 – With Nikki Gardham 16 July 2020

Fantastical Beasts 7 – Sisetta Zapone 21 July 2020

Colour Pattern Portrait – with Susannah Pal

Fantastical Beasts 8 – with Sisetta Zappone 28 July

Lush Still Life -with Nikki Gardham 30 July

Fantastical Beasts 9 – Sisetta Zappone 4 August 

Portraits & Perspective- Rachel Mercer 6 August

Fantastical Beasts 10 – Sisetta Zappone 11 August

Drawing Hands- with Nikki Gardham 13 August_

Fantastical Beasts 11- with Sisetta Zapone 18 August

Hands Colour Abstraction – with Susannah Pal 20 August

Fantastical Beasts 12- with Sisetta Zappone 25 August

Hands and Gesture- with Nikki Gardham 27 August  
Fantastical Beasts 13 with Sisetta Zapone 1 September
Faces and Expressiions I- with Susannah Pal 7 September

Fantastical Beasts 14 – with Sisetta Zappone 8 September

Faces and Expressions II- with Susannah Pal- 10 September

Fantastical Beasts 15 with Sisetta Zappone 15 September