Date(s) - 23/04/2017
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Red Gallery



Join us as Art Battle London and London Drawing collide for a new explosion of creativity in the heart of Shoreditch.

Vote for your favourite artist as we whittle 10 down to one winner in an event which presents art as spectator sport. London Drawing will create epic performance art, sound and light installations for the Art Battle competitors to respond to in a thrilling fusion of art, performance, fashion and music. 

DJ Dave Lubin confirmed!!
BUY your favourite artwork in our silent auction for charity G.O.S.H
Special guest to present the Golden Paint Brush- JEREMY DELLER!
PLUS! Show us your skills and get involved with some creative life drawing yourself- all materials provided

Sunday 23 April 2017
Red Gallery


Art Battle London III in collaboration with London Drawing is supported by Cowling & Wilcox Art Shops


ArtBattle so far….:
On 23 April Red Gallery will host the third London Art Battle. This unique social art event has been gathering a cult following in Manchester over the last three years. The premise is that 10 artists have 30 minutes to paint, draw and create on a blank A3 canvas in two rounds, the audience are given tokens when they enter and vote on the rounds resulting in an Art Battle Champion – the atmosphere is clubby, yet relaxed and very supportive. It is being touted as the most inclusive arts event ever, ‘art by the people for the people’. The art on the night gets auctioned off in a silent auction with money split between the artist and a local charity. It is an event that has to be attended to really understand the atmosphere – like an open mic night for artists, but more fun.

Two seasoned art crusaders, Carlotta Allum of the arts charity ‘Stretch’ and Dean Stalham formally of ‘Arts Saves Lives’, attended the events in Manchester and immediately fell in love with the concept. Carlotta said, ‘‘It was unlike any arts event I had ever been to, really supportive, accessible and fun. I am always interested in new and exciting ways of ‘presenting’ art and opening it up to a new audience, I immediately wanted to take part and to somehow use the format to encourage other people to have a go’’

Watch a clip of Art Battle II October 2016

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