Creative Life Drawing For Galleries & Institutions

Our workshops aim to re-invent the common perception of life drawing as a traditional subject. Although the life model/s remain the focus of the workshop- the aim is not to concentrate on ‘life drawing’ in the traditional sense, but approach themes and ideas using the life model/s as a common subject.

Lighting, props, sound, materials, elements of performance and site specific architecture are utilised to create a visual experience from which participants can draw. This more theatrical approach is combined with relevant creative use of unconventional drawing materials and techniques.

The workshops are completely accessible- working on the premise that no skills or drawing experience are needed to make strong and exciting work. This approach has proved genuinely stimulating and poses a challenge for all levels of ability from beginners to professional artists.

For more information on creative life drawing workshops please look at The Drawing Theatre.

London Drawing organised Creative Life Drawing workshops with The Royal Institute Of British Architects in a variety of venues of architectural significance across London from 2009-2013. Read what they had to say about it.

We also worked with Tate Modern from 2006-2011 to present contemporary, ground breaking Creative Life Drawing workshops in the galleries, temporary displays and architectural spaces of the building.