Galleries & Institutions

For over 15 years we have worked with major arts institutions, galleries and arts organisations to produce unique and inspiring workshops and events. Our sessions can be tailored to suit all ages and levels of ability and are suitable for galleries, schools, colleges, private groups and companies.

Our workshops aim to re-think the common perception of life drawing as a traditional subject. Although the life model/s remain the focus of the workshop- the aim is not to concentrate on ‘life drawing’ in the traditional sense, but approach themes and ideas using the life model/s as a common subject.

Lighting, props, sound, materials, elements of performance and site specific architecture are utilised to create a visual experience from which participants can draw. This more theatrical approach is combined with relevant creative use of unconventional drawing materials and techniques.

The workshops are completely accessible- working on the premise that no skills or drawing experience are needed to make strong and exciting work. This approach has proved genuinely stimulating and poses a challenge for all levels of ability from beginners to professional artists.

Our creative workshops and events can be devised in a variety of ways, our starting point can be an idea, a theme, a product- some using performers or models, some using materials or concepts.

Sketchbook Discoveries

The Sedgewick Museum Cambridge

An evening of exploration, discovery and creativity in a hidden gem of a time warp- the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences in Cambridge. From meteoric planet rocks to fossils and bones, we created geological sketches from the Museum collections after-hours. Then took a short tutorial on watercolour illustration for 19th centruy book plates before trying your hand at reworking the best sketches into watercolours.

“We were delighted with the delivery of the life drawing series which we ran with London Drawing for the RIBA London Social events. The life drawing events were held at touring venues of architectural interest including The Design Museum, the Alsop Studio, The RIBA and Doodle Bar, Battersea. Anne and David (London Drawing) shaped the classes to respond to the nature of the host spaces, making each class a unique experience.

The sessions were fun, informative and helped to make people interact. Our attendees were very happy with the classes and I enjoyed them too!

We hope to work with London Drawing again next year.”

Antonia Faust

Projects and Events Manager, RIBA London

From 2009-2013

RIBA London

London Drawing organised Creative Life Drawing workshops with The Royal Institute Of British Architects in a variety of venues of architectural significance across London.

Museum Late

British Museum

A very special Museum Late in the Parthenon Galleries at the British Museum inspired by Cult of the Bacchae. We interpreted the Parthenon Frieze creating vignettes against an aural soundscape of live percussion drums and the models voices – moments frozen in time and intense bursts of movement based on conflict and war.

Exhibition Response

The Barbican Gallery

Found Fashion workshops at The Barbican Gallery in response to The Vulgar exhibition.

National Gallery

Popping up the Drawing Theatre in the spectacular galleries at the National Gallery London- recreating selected paintings for Members evening events.

Museum of London
The Drawing Theatre at the Museum Of London, interpreting themes and
displays for Museum Late events and themed workshops

Dulwich Picture Gallery 

18th Century inspired drawing action! We brought one of the founders of the Gallery, Mrs Margaret Desenfans, to life as we were inspired by the sumptuous gallery collection, creating Mini Masterpieces to put into specially decorated lockets.