COVID – Government Guidelines

All our classes will continue when London is in Tier 2 restrictions – if in tier 3 or 4 classes will not go ahead

Please see below for our procedures for the classes

plus our info re government guidance about 2 tier status


Our precautions for each class:

We will be practicing social distancing measures we need to keep everyone safe:

* Please wear a face mask at all times- this is essential!

* We will ask you to wash your hands when entering the building

* We have a thermometer to take everyones temperature – this has been provided by WAC

* We can put contact tracing into practice- so if you are in contact with anyone who is diagnosed with COVID please let us know and we will contact everyone who has been in contact with you- so please be vigilant about this and keep us informed

* we will have hand sanitiser available for all to use

* we will have dettol and wipes so everyone can keep their areas/ materials and tools clean/

* Please provide your own drawing materials- we do have things incase you forget- but things will work a lot more smoothly if you have your ow materials

* work areas will be spaced apart and we will recommend participants stay in their area as much as possible


Keeping you posted re the government guidelines regarding the ‘tier 2’ for londonĀ 

The Waterloo Action Centre are in talks- but at the moment are staying open-

We (London Drawing) are taking our que from an organisation that we work with to list classes- and they have been v clear in their instruction as to how they run their classes- they have a legal team- and I have found their instruction and advice really helpful. I have copied and pasted their guidelines below- to explain the tier system and how classes operate within it.

At the moment we are going ahead with classes- unless of course WAC decide to temporarily close- I will keep you posted via the website/ social media @LondonDrawing and mailing list should you be on it

We are confident that our measures are thorough and provide a safe environment for everyone- I have copied those below too so you can read through ( I send these out with every ticket bought so you have them for each class)

Please take a look at the info below- its actually really useful for operating in life in general right now!!!


Government guidelines:

What is the difference between Tier 1, 2 and 3?

The Tiered system was introduced earlier this week to allow regional restrictions to take place without impacting the nation in one go. For clarity, here are the main things you need to know:

Tier 1 (medium):
– ‘Rule of 6 indoors & outdoors’
– 10pm curfew on pubs, restaurants etc.
More info here

Tier 2 (high):
– No household mixing indoors
– Rule of 6 applies outdoors
– 10pm curfew on pubs, restaurants etc.
More info here

Tier 3 (very high):
– No household mixing, indoors or outdoors in hospitality venues private gardens
– Rule of 6 applies outdoors in public areas
– Pubs, restaurants etc. not serving hot food to be closed
– Guidance against travelling in and out of the area
More info here


OK, so what does this mean for teaching in each Tier?

The impact on running classes in each Tier is not 100% clear, however the 1st thing to know is that you do not need to cancel your classes in Tier 1 or Tier 2. We have spoken with our insurers and legal team to come up with our own guidance in what all our teachers should be doing.

We will keep this as up to date as we can on one of our live help articles which you will always be able to find by clicking here. You can also check what Tier you’re currently in at this link.

Teaching in Tier 1 (medium):

This is the current situation for many of our Teachers across the country. You absolutely must follow COVID-Secure Guidelines (which can be found in our declaration here), adhere to the 10pm curfew if you are teaching indoors, display the NHS Test & Trace QR code at your venue and insist that masks are worn at all times.

Teaching in Tier 2 (high):

A number of regions in the UK are moving to Tier 2 from midnight on Friday, including London. As well as following all the guidelines in Tier 1 (above) you must also take the following steps:

1. Not allow any groups to attend from different households;
2. Limit any student mixing / interaction to a minimum.

Like with restaurants, neither Obby nor our Teachers will be able to verify if a group of students who book together are from the same household. Therefore, we advise that every student in attendance sits socially distanced from one another (even if under the same booking) and interaction between students is kept to a minimum.

Teaching in Tier 3 (very high):

Unfortunately, any teacher who is within a designated Tier 3 area must not run classes during this time and cancel any classes that were due to run.