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Contemporary Still Life

Lush colour, fine texture and simplicity of composition!

Join us for a brand new masterclass with artist and London Drawing tutor Frank Gambino. Use a range of materials including pastel and acrylics to build rich layers and textures in your drawing and build simple compositions to capture the light and life in your subject.

Past workshop:

Creative Anatomy

Join us for a brand new workshop designed to improve your understanding of human anatomy though creative drawing from the life model. A great way to develop and improve your life drawing knowledge and observational skills.

Past workshop:

Drawing Architecture with Ed Bucknall

Ed Bucknall Drawing Architecture

Join us for a brand new architectural sketching workshop with artist, archaeology and mud larking expert, architect (and sometime art model!) – the brilliant Ed Bucknall.

Past workshop:
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  • General Life Painting

    Gesture and Mark Making Masterclass with Frank Gambino

    Join London Drawing tutor and artist Frank Gambino for a masterclass in gestural life drawing – an exciting informative workshop for all levels of ability.

    Past workshop:

    Head Hands Feet

    Head Hands Feet Saturday Workshop

    Tackle your all the key problem areas of drawing from the body in this practical and informative workshop for all levels of ability- with guaranteed results!

    Past workshop:

    Life Drawing Skills Workshop

    Lo-Fi Printmaking from the life model

    A brilliant day of creative hands on practical printmaking.

    Work from the model using mono printing, relief and lino printing with techniques and equipment you can use at home. Great for pushing your drawing in different directions.

    Past workshop:

    Museum Sketch - Body & Space at the V&A Cast Courts

    This a brand new workshop for us in collaboration with the brilliant John Close- taking you into galleries and in front of some of the most fantastic art London has to offer!

    Past workshop:
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  • Painterly Portraits

    Lose you painting inhibitions in this exciting and practical portrait workshop with
    award winning figurative artist Kim Scouller.

    Past workshop:

    Portraiture with Frank Gambino