Date(s) - 21/03/2020
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

St Pancras Church and Crypt


The weird, the fantastical, the beautiful, the strange…..
Join us for an afternoon of sketched characters, modern pantomime and fantasy worlds with rooms as drawings, human collages and painted characters as caricatures as we enter liminal space with fashion designer Robert George Sanders.
Draw from fantasy characters and sets and get immersed in the scenes yourself with the chance to be styled and drawn by Robert all set against the wonderfully atmospheric chambers for the Crypt Gallery- This promises to be a fantastic afternoon of exploration and creativity!
Robert George Sanders is a menswear designer who makes clothes out of unwanted unconventional materials to distort the body through weight, proportion, texture, movement and sound. He plays with clothes and what they say about our gender, our class, and how we look at the world.
The Drawing Theatre provides a platform for a new experience of performance art for both performer and audience, encouraging genuine creative exchange between the two. These events involve the audience in an immersive experience, where they are a participant in the creative process rather than passive spectator, which encourages genuine creativity and engagement for everyone. Exciting, genuinely creative, immersive and unique- join London Drawing for one the most innovative and original drawing workshops in London.
Saturday 21 March 2020
£35 All materials included
The Crypt Gallery, Euston